Bleeding Heart


Bleeding Heart was an abstract piece which was inspired by my recent interest in Haiku, having had a go at writing some Haiku “poems”, which are a great starting point for producing art. My Haiku which inspired this painting was:

bleeding heart shivers

cascading beauty beats

death to a new life

I painted the piece using ink and watercolour on canvas…yes, I know you’re probably thinking, watercolour on canvas???!!! It does actually work, but you need a hairdryer at hand to make it dry onto the canvas, and the air can also be handy to manipulate the flow of paint and direct it to where you want it. The inks which I used were Dr. Ph. Martins, which are amazing, the colours are really vivid and I confess to being a bit of an ink junkie when I see them in the Glasgow Artstore. My friend Nicky Malcolm, loved this piece so much that her other half acquired it from me for her birthday. Have to say that I miss it, but it looks fab in her living room.


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