“More Things Like This”

frontcover1    backcover1

bought a great little book lately entitled “More Things Like This”  (published by Chronicle Books 2009 )which explores art which is a combination of text, humour and illustration/drawing.  There are works by over 80 artists from a variety of backgrounds; fine artists, cartoonists, writers, musicians etc and these pieces vary in style from the very detailed work of Peter Saul to the minimalism of David Shrigley. Other artists included are Raymond Pettibon, John Lurie, Jason Logan, Nedko Solakov Tucker Nichols and Banksy (to name but a few). The works in this book have been the result of doodles, musings, washroom graffitti or carefully planned illustrations, but many of them have subversive undertones and all of them are humorous.There are also interesting interviews with many of the artists, which give an insight into what inspires their work.  It’s refreshing to see this type of art recognized and brought together in both exhibition and book, and has made me realize that I need to get more of my inner thoughts down on paper and be less precious about my mark making.


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