Results to dye for!

Today I got the results of my dyeing experiments, and I have to say I am very pleased with the outcomes. I retained the left over dyes in storage jars, as I want to try these out on paper, and possibly take them to Michel Garcia’s workshop which I will be attending in June.

The daffodil has produced  a vibrant bright yellow, and even the un-mordanted silk which I threw in has retained some colour after rinsing.

yellowVibrant yellow from the daffodil

The nettle has given an olive green, a beautiful strong colour on the muslin, with a grey/green colour on the un-mordanted silk.


A strong olive green from the nettle

The oakmoss lichen gave a very pale coffee/creme colour to the muslin, but a startlingly strong mocha colour on the silk.


Coffee/cream and mocha from the Oakmoss Lichen

I also photographed the results outside in the garden, although it is a very dull day today, and feels like it may rain.



Next I would like to find some dandelions to make dye from, and also some other types of weed. I am excited by the unpredictable results of this process, and want to learn more.



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