Hogweed Gyotaku

Having peeled the skin from the hogweed, and observing the lovely ridges underneath, I decided that I would explore the potential of printing from the plant.

Last year I did some Gyotaku (nature printing) from fish and octopus. It is a different printing technique in that you must use a brush to apply the ink (oil paint, in this case) and then carefully place or wrap your paper over the subject matter, before rubbing gently. Also having been inspired by Krajcberg’s impressions of the landscape, I thought that this might be a way of documenting part of the landscape around where the hogweed grows, on the banks of the River Tay in Perth.


“Inking up” using white oil paint


Rolled down onto handmade paper 20140409_122945

 Printed onto papyrus- a substrate which almost seems to encapsulate the feel and texture of the hogweed


A slice through the stem20140409_130229_20140411112550690

20140409_121240 I also wanted to try to capture some of the hogweed’s textures in a more 3-dimensional way, so I looked out a packet of air drying clay and made a few impressions of it.

20140410_153753I feel that these clay impressions have a real potential to create a piece of work, as fragments of a landscape, perhaps they could be used in a mixed media piece, or hung as  pendants from a piece of hogweed or driftwood, along with other “fragments” which describe a journey, walk or location.                                                                                      20140410_153320


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