Studio Re-vamp


I decided to give the studio a new lick of paint this summer to brighten it up for the Perthshire Open Studios. I started by painting a new sign (above) which I fixed to the street side of the studio. I will make another for the studio side too I think, or perhaps I’ll just write directly onto the door.


I bought this striped bunting last year from Deckchair Stripes, and it gives the place a real summery holiday feel (despite the fact that most of the time it is raining here!).



I have amassed a small collection of cast iron cauldrons over the years so I have re-painted them and positioned them around the area outside my studio.



Over Easter I created a herb and dye garden below the studio, although I have to say it is more herb than dye. I did plant woad and weld, but have since learned that a large amount of the woad leaves are required to give the indigo blue which it is renowned for….oh well, maybe in a few years time.


Many of the plants were purchased from the local village nursery Plants with Purpose, which does what it says on the tin….sells unusual plants which you don’t often come across, but all of which have purpose, such as culinary, healing or dyeing etc.


The daisy like flowers above are German Chamomile, the variety which is used to make tea, although I haven’t yet tried to. Other herbs in the plot include Lemon Catmint (which is edible and can also be used to make tea), a variety of mints, lavenders (some of which are edible too), fennel, lovage, sage, thyme, tarragon and parsley. I can’t believe how well these plants have grown since they were planted. Glad I kept some of the more vigorous ones in pots so that I can walk between them to pick them.


I bought the “Green Goddess” a few years ago, and much as I love vintage bikes, she isn’t the most comfortable to ride. I decided that she should take early retirement, and instead of being thrashed around through the woodland she is perfect to display a basket of strawberry plants on.


To add a finishing touch to the exterior of the studio, I added a string of bulb lights…et voila…c’est magnifique!



Now I need to start considering how best to utilise the interior as both a working space and also for displaying my work.


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