Preparing to open the studio

Over the past few weeks I have been busy making as much as I can for the Perthshire Open Studios event which begins this Saturday. I have decided to have a small opening on Friday night, and have invited friends via Facebook.




Parrot print espadrilles anyone??  


My daughter was very keen to get involved, so she has made some greeting cards which she hopes to sell to raise money for the War Child charity.


I just finished painting a new sign last night, which I am really pleased with, and hope that it will attract people to come in and have a look.


On Friday night we will be serving some nibbles and cocktails, which will most likely be Pimms, Pina Coladas and some bubbly with mixers. Emilia has been helping me to make some pretty edible flower ice cubes to serve with them, using lavender, mint and rose petals which we picked from the garden.

996153_683591545068174_5659905349002778609_n     10477473_683592075068121_2365736441475146927_n

We also added a touch of lavender flavouring and rose water to give the cubes a slightly stronger taste!


Don’t they just look wonderful?!


I think I’m going to have a chocolate fountain again, as that went down a treat last time I had a party, so I’m heading to Bookers soon to buy some of the delicious swiss chocolate buttons I used. I’m getting really excited…just hope it is a nice evening so that we can have drinks outside as the studio is a bit on the small side for everyone to fit in!


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