zinemaskThis is a mask I have made using natural materials…Ivy, nettles, hydrangea leaves and daisies.  It has brought me back to the Take Two Influences project which I did in first year, where I used Arcimboldo as one of my influences, and created a mask with plastic bottles using this polystyrene head as a mould.

I began by pinning the materials onto the mould, and when I had decided on a suitable arrangement, I used a small daub of PVA glue to fix them together. All of the plants used with the exception of the daisies are skin irritants. Could this be a mask of pain, or symbolise the agony of those who fought in the war and recuperated here?

I removed the mask from the mould, and was thinking of suspending it, but over the weeks I feel that it has dried out more, and looks very fragile, so I have decided to keep it on top of the mould, and will probably rest it on a plinth, in the spirit of paying homage to something or someone of importance.


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