Frozen Poetry

Recently I have been exploring ways of presenting some poetry that I have written, and I thought I would try freezing it with fragments of nature that I have collected. I have some spherical ice moulds into which I placed small pieces of moss, lichen, ashes, soil, stones etc., along with poetry which had been cut into strips. I made 10 of these and popped them into the freezer, placing thread inside them before sealing them up.icemaking1

Filled up and ready to freeze

When they were all frozen, I waited for sun to come out, and headed off to a small copse of trees not to far from home. I needed to work quickly, as I knew they would begin to melt soon.


After finding a few suitable branches, I tied them up fairly close to each other at varying heights, so that I could photograph them as a cluster.


As the sunlight streamed through the trees at them they began to drip slowly…




The frozen balls resemble marbles, or even miniature planets…which kind of tie in with my interest in topography…a wee bit






I left my ephemeral installation to melt away, and will return later to remove any string or paper which might harm the local inhabitants.

Before I left, I took some footage of the ice balls swaying in the wind, like miniature planets in orbit. You can see it below at this link:


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