Birnam Wood : A Journey into the Sublime

It’s not easy to put my experience of Birnam Wood into words. With each visit, I embark on a new voyage of discovery which triggers all of my senses; I witness transient sights of weird and wonderful species, smells which range from smokey winter fires to wild garlic and pungent herb Robert, sounds of the ever present choir of birds and enjoy the sensation of my bare feet treading on the mossy carpet or the leaves crunching underfoot. In the book Birnam Wood. A Journey into the Sublime, I have attempted to document my experience of the wood, taking you off the beaten track of the well worn paths, cutting through the deep undergrowth and lush vegetation to view some extraordinary specimens which lurk in this ancient woodland. Many of these strange phenomena are both fascinating and yet at the same time repulsive or a bit frightening, leaving me with an unsettling curiosity and a cautious awareness of my surroundings.  Below you can view the book by clicking on the link, where you are also able to purchase the book if you wish.

Birnam Wood. A Journey into the Sublime (36 pages)

My Landscape Book


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