I’ve found lockdown very hard, and it has definitely stifled my creativity. Possibly the poor weather has had something to do with it too, and the fact that my studio is freezing in the winter months. I’ve just not felt that creative unfortunately, which is a shame given that we all have so much time on our hands…

Finally I made it back into my studio, and after having a good clear out of junk I was back at my desk with all my paints at hand. I’ve been listening to a lot of Roxy Music lately, and i started out by making a sort of abstract “map”, which is always my starting point for abstraction. I was thinking about “Avalon” which was a mythical island form Arthurian legend. What started out as a map soon became very organic, with orchid, seed pods and leaf-like forms becoming intertwined within the composition. The colours also became very feminine- not what I had in mind for “Avalon”, but abstraction can’t always be planned, it just tends to evolve as my mood takes it.

I’m quite pleased with the result, I could see it as a pattern to be printed on a silk kimono, as with many of my abstracts it has qualities of a surface pattern.


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