The Trees Have Eyes



I wanted to make a few more impressions using the air drying clay, which must be used up quite quickly or it will dry out completely. I had noticed some trees on a walk which I usually take which have particularly gnarled trunks, parts of which resemble eyes, so I decided to have a go at pressing some of the clay onto them to see if I could capture their textures.




I’m really pleased with the results of this experiment…Again, like the hogweed, they might be used to document fragments of the landscape. The white clay has been tainted with the moss on the tree trunks, but is useful in these photos to show the contrast and give more definition to the shapes which have been captured.

My love of minimalism is leading me to imaging these in pure white, perhaps positive casts being made from these (or others which I might take) using plaster of paris, or better still, clear resin….Something which I may explore another day, although first I would need to source materials and some good tutorials on Youtube!


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