Goddess of the Bluebell Wood

I took my willow “goddess” to the bluebell wood for a photo shoot this morning, as I wanted to capture her amongst the bluebells before they die. I began by making her a fresh flower crown, with flowers picked from the garden, and ivy from the churchyard across the road.


All of the flowers in the crown came from my garden, apart from the ivy


There were still bluebells in bloom when I reached the wood, but I noticed that the bracken had started to get taller, and on closer inspection saw lots of ticks on it waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims!

With this in mind, I was a bit cautious as to where I was willing to walk, but found a few spots which had been trampled down already.



willow_full_body_blurredI was tempted to leave her in the woods, as I thought it was the perfect setting for her to dwell in all her splendour. After a few moments of uncertainty, I took her back home to the studio, as I decided I would miss her too much if I left her here. At least I now have some decent photos of her to put on my website that I intend to build soon.


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