Cells.. another direction

In my last post I developed a really colourful plan for a painting, inspired by some drawings which I had done on cells. Looking at these plans printed out, I started to remember why the whole subject of cells interested me…not just the fact that they are aesthetically beautiful, and that they are amazing because they are part of the living world, but because they are rarely seen by us, a hidden beauty that we are unable to see unless we have the equipment to do so. Back to my sketchbook, I looked at a mind map which I had produced looking at  : Biomorphism – microbiology – cells – hidden beautycamouflageghost images and decided that this was the area which I needed to focus on. Rather than amplifying the hidden beauty of the cells by using garish colours, I should be taking a more subtle approach, and painting the cells as “ghost images” eg. white on white, which are not immediately apparent at first  glance.  The painting will become a metaphor for the concealed beauty around us inviting the viewer to probe it further.


Initial stages of the painting. Areas of texture added into underpainting. Although I really like the composition of this piece and the contrast between the dark and light, the next stage (below) is more of what I want the painting to be in terms of the concept of concealed beauty.


Starting to look closer to the way I envisage the final piece. I plan to add much more in the way of texture, and get rid of the “cream” blob which I painted (a misjudgment of colour on a tin of gloss paint!) I may also use dried PVA to fix onto the large cell to create a different texture to the other areas of the painting.


2 thoughts on “Cells.. another direction

  1. I really like the progression of this piece, and feel an affinity with it. About 3 years ago I had an exhibition with three friends called Inner Beauty and our works were abstracts inspired by cells! Great minds etc …

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